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Newsletter - April 2022

Newsletter - April 2022

Dear Parent/Carers,

We are coming to the end of another busy term and a well-deserved break for the children and staff!! 

Looking forward to the next half term we have some news to share……..


Susie will be leaving us at the end of this term and taking up a new managers role closer to home. We will all miss Susie’s bubbly and friendly face and would like to wish her all the best in her new role.

For the time being, until we find a suitable Pre-school Manager, Tracey will be stepping up from Deputy Manager to Pre-school Manager. I’m sure you will all support her in this role and we are certain she will meet this challenge in her normal professional and can do approach.

 We would also like to introduce some new members of staff that have recently joined the Pre-school. Joanne Gothard has taken on the role as 1:1 assistant and is settling in very well. We have also this week taken on a relief pre-school assistant, Kat Dunford will be joining our team to help cover holidays, sickness and extra hours that need covering. We would like to welcome both Joanne and Kat to the pre-school family.

Voluntary Parent Helpers (after Easter)

Now that restrictions are lifting and we are learning to live with Covid, we would like to re-introduce the chance for parents/carers to come in and help at pre-school. We appreciate that time is precious, and our parents are very busy, but if you would like to come in and help out at a session, then we will be putting up a sheet in our foyer for you to pick and choose a session you would like to attend, you can stay for an hour or stay all session the choice is yours!!.  This is a great opportunity for you to see what goes on at your child’s setting and have a bit of fun too!!

Collections of children (after Easter)

Once again, now that restrictions are lifting we are looking at new ways to run our sessions. We are looking at parents coming into the foyer to collect children’s coats and bags and then into the room to collect their child and leaving through the back entrance.

We are hoping that this will speed up collection times and less waiting around for parents and children. A member of staff will still be available out the front to speak to parents if need be. We will try this out for the first half of summer term and re- visit if this does not work.


Now that we are approaching the summer (yippee) and hotter weather, we would like children to start bringing in NAMED sun hats and drinks bottles. Please remember only water can be bought into pre-school.


We would like to remind parent/carers that if you enter or exit the pre-school gates then PLEASE close it behind you. For obvious reasons this is very important.


We are planning on restarting our half termly newsletter, so please look out for one each half term.


We look forward to another term with all the children.

Haddenham Pre-school Staff

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