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Welcome to Haddenham Pre-School

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If you have any queries, or would like to know more about our Pre-School, please contact the office on: admin@haddenhampreschool.org.uk or call us on 01353 740126.  



Haddenham Pre-School Ethos 

Play is central to the experience we provide the children, and we aim to make it the main part of our pedagogy.  This allows the children to experiment with their imaginations and independent creative thinking, through free choice activities, using resources to create what they want to do, finding the space and resources to feed their imagination.

We encourage every child to build confidence and independence skills in a variety of ways.  We will support each child in a way that is relative to their needs and stand by them while they make steps towards being more independent and confident.

Everyone is welcome regardless of their needs or background.  We endeavour to provide and seek to support all children and families in our community so that all can thrive and no child is ever left behind.

We communicate with and work in partnership with families and the wider community to ensure that all children have access to support.

We seek to encourage each other and look out for everyone’s wellbeing.


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